Going into Week 5

So, I keep forgetting to write here when I am not doing a book review. It is a rather bad habit and is probably because my mind can be as flighty as a bird. /sighs

We are getting close to the end of week 5 of the Reading Challenge. I did skip over week… 4 I think. Whichever was for a book published this year.  I did have a book picked, it was Providence of Fire by Brian Staveley and was released January 13. The problem though, is that I refuse to spend $15 on an e-book.  So I am waiting for that to come down in price. Hopefully that happens soon because I really want to read it.

I finished up 3 books though. My week 2 (romance) pick; Gone With The Wind and my week 5 (numbers in title) pick; Fahrenheit 451. Then I finished up a side book called The Thought Readers by Dima Zales. That was an interesting book. I will hopefully have reviews on all them shortly.

I haven’t worked on any editing for Malachai or Pawns.  I really need to get on those. I even bought a fancy new red pen. Okay, maybe not that fancy, but still.

I have made some pretty yummy recipes though. So I will leave you with a picture of cake.



About misplacedselchie

I enjoy random writing related thoughts, plot bunnies, and good books. One of these days I'll get my own book finished.
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