Book Review: Grave Beginnings by R.R Virdi

So, I know that a few months ago I assured everyone I would be getting back into the swing of writing my book reviews….and then I didn’t. Oops! Life happens I guess (lol). HOWEVER I am back because there is a review I MUST write. Seriously. I have to. If you don’t want to read the whole review, this is the blurb: It’s a bloody damn good book. READ IT.

Now, I’m no coward. I wasn’t running so much as luring the Ifrit to a larger section of the museum where I would have more room to maneuver. It’s called tactics.


Grave Beginnings is an urban fantasy debut by R.R Virdi. As any of you may know this is all sorts of right up my alley. I love fantasy. I write fantasy. Fantasy is about my favorite genre ever, and even so I can be incredibly picky about what I read. I came across this book and the author in a NaNoWriMo writer’s group (Hello to any of you that dropped by!) and liked the premise so I picked it up. Plus, Ronnie is about one of the nicest guys in the group (as is Shiv, the author of Domechild) so it wasn’t a hard choice. I was not disappointed.

This is a fast-paced first person book, following Vincent Graves. Graves is a snarky, smartass soul who inhabits recently deceased bodies. Why? Well, to find out what killed them and put an end to it. There are a few catches though. The first is that he has a time limit. Pretty sucky, but luckily he has yet to miss a deadline (but will that change?). The second is that he never knows where he is going to wake up or who he is, so he has to figure all of that out while trying to solve the case (and you thought your job was bad right?). The last catch, and the one I find the most interesting is that he has a hard time remembering things. This is a man (er…soul) that has absolutely no recollection of who he was before getting suckered into his body-stealing paranormal investigating soul gig. Most of his memories stem from cases and impulse memory, but they also lie inside the journal where he takes down everything related to his cases, including deals and favors. The journals are left with the mysterious Church. I feel the need to input that he likes to think of them as “The Graves’ How-To Manual of Badassery”.

Church and his intriguingly handsome self shows up in, well a church. This is the first place Graves heads upon waking up to get his journal and time limit. Normally, he gets a nice long limit. Not this time. This time around he gets a whopping thirteen hours to figure everything out and put the bad guy away. Granted, he did begin with twenty-four hours but Graves being Graves opened his mouth. So he gets to work to solve this case.

Along the way he meets the dark-haired, tough-as-nails Special Agent Camilla Ortiz. Unfortunately for him, she won’t really let him off the hook and ends up getting pulled into the supernatural world. Really, she keeps her composure pretty damn well for having her world flipped upside down.

This book is filled with great quotes, puns, and candy-trails of pop culture references. Seriously, I laughed a lot while reading this and I am rather tempted in putting in a lot of the quotes here, but well….I have been told by my husband that they just aren’t funny out of context (whatever xD). My recommendation is to pick up this book as soon as you can. If you like Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files then pick up Grave Beginnings even sooner.

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