Book Review: Street Fair by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins

So I’m not entirely sure if it is a little uncouth to review books by the same people twice in a row, but well…here you have it. I promise though, the next review PROBABLY won’t be a Jeffrey book. Maybe.

Okay, I probably shouldn’t make promises because he has too many books that I need to read.

But anyways, I am obliged (I believe) to mention I received this book for free in a drawing after purchasing ‘Foul is Fair’. Part of that drawing was the understanding that I would give an honest review for it. Between you and me, I think that I got the better end of the deal. Not only did I receive a free fey book, but I get to talk about it! Er..I mean that I am forced to…

Honestly, I loved this book.

“Faerie is just a dream. And what is a dream with too many rules? As soon as you start putting limits on dreams, they become something else”


Street Fair is the second book in Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins’ Fair Folk Chronicles.  If you haven’t read the first book, ‘Foul is Fair’, you can always check out my review here or just go and straight up buy it anyways.  This book picks back up with Megan, Lani, Justin, Ashling, and Cassia right before the Fremont Fair which takes place around the summer solstice. We’re introduced, however, to two new characters in the first chapter: Doctor Brian Angus O’Neill and Rob. (Rob, by the way, is not human and I’ll give you these guesses who he is.)

At the same time as the Fremont Fair, the fey world has an event going on called the Goblin Market. Here, you can buy pretty much anything from books that were in the Library of Alexandria to reversing the affects of faerie on a human. Here, Megan learns a little bit more about the faerie culture and exactly what sort of things you can bargain away.

But it’s not all fun and games. A man referred to as The Butterfly Collector shows up and he has a plot afoot that can spell nothing but negative consequences for everyone. Ashling especially had a deep rooted hate for him, as he tore her wings before. Megan and crew follow him, attempting to stop his plans.

Like ‘Foul is Fair’, this book is rich in Celtic mythology, this time following the story of Balor. I was rather excited to see that. For some reason a lot of fey books that are centered in Celtic mythology don’t seem to bring him up.

I also enjoyed more of the character development, especially with Megan and Justin. They both have to work through new roles in worlds that are completely different than their own, on top of their own burgeoning relationship. Megan, for example, has to start realising that the Sidhe just don’t act as outwardly outspoken as humans, even in dire matters.

This had everything the first thing had an more. Including a great ending that leaves you counting down the days until ‘Fair Fight’ comes out.


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