Book Review: The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M Harris

I haven’t the faintest clue how I came across this book. I know absolutely no one who has read it, nor had I even heard of this author. One day I just came across the title and was like “A Gospel for Loki?!? Hel yea!”


Okay, so not exactly that Loki at all, but it’s hard to not add in some Tom Hiddleston when I can. Or maybe I can argue it is applicable since Marvel’s Loki was technically based on our wonderful Trickster from the Norse mythologies.

But I digress…

It all begins so hopefully, but these Worlds we build for ourselves are all just castles in the sand, waiting for the evening tide.



In The Gospel of Loki, or Lokabrenna, Loki presents his own side of the events that lead to the tragedy of the gods and subsequently Ragnarok. It’s essentially a defense of his actions. He starts explaining all the players, in pure Loki fashion, along with a warning to not trust any of them. And he insults a few of them, but well…he does that quite a bit.

Beyond that, Lokabrenna is broken up into four books (Light, Shadow, Sunset, Twilight), a foreword, epilogue, and the Prophecy of the Oracle. Each chapter is a basically a lesson. The lessons range from “Never trust a ruminant” to “They don’t call it ” wedlock” for nothing “ to “So what’s the worst that could happen?”.

Meeting Odin, Loki is convinced to leave Chaos and join the physical plane. And to ensure that he does what the Allfather wants, he is marked so that if he tries to return to Chaos, they’ll know he betrayed them.

Odin is a pretty crafty bastard.


The rest of the Aesir of course don’t completely take very warmly to the Wildfire. A handful of times is he considered an ” insider” or “popular”. Most of the time no one trusts him though. I can’t imagine why ..

All in all this was a great read. The old Norse stories are, like most mythologies, really only told from one side so it was a nice change up to see the sagas from another point of view. Especially Loki’s. It adds a new flair and perspective.

So, if you enjoy Tricksters and sass and humor then this book is definitely for you. And it has so many great quotes. So. Many.

After all, words are what remain when all the deeds have been done. Words can shatter faith, start a war, change the course of history. A story can make your heart beat faster, topple walls, scale mountains — Hey, a story can even raise the dead. And that’s why the King of Stories ended up being King of the gods, because writing history and making history are only the breadth of a page apart.



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