Book Review: Airs & Graces by Jeffrey Cook and A.J. Downey

I am obligated to say that I received this book for free  in return for a fair and honest review.

Now, I will attempt to talk about this book and not spoil too much. I hope you know how hard that is to do sometimes. It’s pretty damn difficult.

Airs & Graces is the first book in the urban fantasy Angel’s Grace Trilogy by Jeffrey Cook and A.J Downey. It follows its two main characters,an angel named Tabbris (who goes by Tab) and a human woman, Adelaide (who is very adamant about being called Addy). Addy has the misfortune of being pulled into a battle between the angels and the Fallen after coming across her murdered boss.

“Couldn’t you have picked a slightly weaker enemy to drop in on unannounced?”


The whole purpose of the battle, as Addy comes to realise, centers around the Grace of another angel. Tabbris quickly becomes more-or-less her champion, the only one willing to defend her because, as the Angel of Free Will, he believes everyone should get a choice…and Addy didn’t exactly get a choice in everything. She was just sort of shoved into it.

I really love the angel and demon books, especially since that is what my own work in progress is (although vastly different than this). I did laugh when reading this though because the first of the Fallen you meet is Rahab and he is the main bad guy in my WIP. Haha! It is written in a first person point-of-view with the chapters alternating between Addy and Tab and while it begins in Seattle it doesn’t stay there. A multitude of places are visited with amazing and detailed descriptions that make it impossible to put the book down.

The ending, I have to warn you, is a huge cliffhanger. Like…gigantic. When I got to it I kept trying to scroll to the next page saying “NO DON’T YOU PEOPLE DO THIS TO ME!” But…they did. They did it.

If you enjoy urban fantasy and if you want a new take on some angels and demons (did I mention the sexy gamer angels? Yeah…SEXY GAMER ANGELS) then you really do need to pick up this book. It’s great. Plus, Addy is all sorts of the right amount of snarky and sassy. She’s one badass heroine.


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