Review: A Fair Fight by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins

I must start off by saying that I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I think I am starting to see a trend here…I feel like this blog is becoming a “Jeffrey Cook Review Blog” or fan blog. I didn’t mean for this to happen, but is it really my fault if he is writing some good books? (No, the answer is no.) That being said, I think that this will be my toughest review to write so far.

This book left me in a blubbering, unattractive mess by the end. It was beautiful.
The book that is, not my blotchy and snotty face.


“Let’s make sure we live forever in stories of the greatest sort in these worlds”


A Fair Fight is the third book in The Fair Folk Chronicles by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins. If you haven’t read them yet, check out my reviews on Foul is Fair and Street Fair OR you can just skip my reviews and buy them here and here. Seriously, I mean just buy them. I am pretty sure that is the gist of those reviews anyways.

Megan and Lani are almost finished with high school as they work on picking out colleges and balancing that with their responsibilities in Faerie. If you remember, at the end of Street Fair, we found out that the ice holding back the Fomoire was beginning to crack. In light of this, Riocard and Orlaith begin to have some diplomatic meetings to get all the fey around the world into an alliance to stand up against them. Jeffrey and Katherine weave all the mythologies together amazingly and the dynamics and politics were fun to see. I always get curious when I am reading a fey series on whether or not it will only stick to the predominant mythology it circles around (Celtic with some Hawaiian here). Most of them do, a few do not. This one does not. They incorporate everything including some that made me go “What in the world…*runs off to Google*”

The meetings don’t go 100% smoothly because, well when do any sort of political anythings go smooth? This is when Megan learns about The Cauldron, a magical artefact that is said to be able to strengthen alliances. Plus, it never runs out of food and that has to be the most important aspect to me (I like food, okay.). It also has some other interesting magical qualities… So true to Megan form she decides to find out how to get it because the threat of the Fomoire breaking through is too real.

Megan and her friends go on an incredible adventure to find the cauldron, which involves them meeting Orlaith’s shunned nephew Tiernan, orgres, dwarves, and even Queen Mab makes an appearance. With battle looming, they will hold back at nothing to secure the help of everyone they can.

The continuing development of the characters, especially Megan and Lani, is worth mentioning. They always were rather strong characters in my opinion, but you see it even more in A Fair Fight as they stand up and shoulder more challenges and responsibilities that they didn’t really need to, but they do it without hesitation and question. We even see some incredible steps with Riocard and Orlaith. Granted Riocard is just even more of his amazing self, but watching some of the things Orlaith says and does in this book made me want to applaud her. Ashling of course has her useful commentary that makes you love her. Although, she did break my heart at one point. Shattered it into a million of itty bitty pixie sized pieces.

Also, if my comments in the beginning are any warning, you may need some tissues. I know that I did but I had no warning so alas, I had no tissues.

This book has some of the most beautiful scenes I have seen so far in this series, and probably just in general. If you have read the first two, then I have no idea why you haven’t picked this one up yet. If you haven’t read any of them then I hope I haven’t spoiled too much for you and you need to go and pick up Foul is Fair and get started.




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