Book Review: Dream Stalker by Amy Hopkins

I’m a little bit behind right now, and by a little bit I mean a lot of bit. I finished this book like a week ago but circumstances have kept me from getting a chance to write a review. But I at least get to tell you a sneak peak into what I will be reviewing next! Coming up hopefully by the end of the week will be a review for Kelly Blanchard’s Someday I Will Be Redeemed and then I will be finally cracking open Madeline Dyer’s Untamed. After that I should probably finish reading Cinder (laughs).  Except, now I have NT Tupper’s new book.  Oh dear…

So anyways this is Dream Stalker: Talented Book 1 by Amy Hopkins.  It follows a half-blood named Emma who runs a tea shop in London. Not just any teas though, she sells teas enchanted with her limited magical ability and has slowly eked out a small name for herself. All she wants for herself in a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, as a half-blood, that is a little more difficult to come by.

“I’m trying my absolute damnedest for people like you, and people like Martin. I don’t want to be the person I was before, but I’m still trying to figure out what to be instead.”


First there is the fact that she is half human and half Talent and therefore doesn’t really fit in entirely in either world. Most regular mortals are afraid of those that have even some of the Talent blood, and most of the full blooded Talents are elitist, keeping to their enclosed inner city.

On top of that, half-bloods are being murdered. With six dead in two months, the human police are baffled, but dragging their feet. They figure that the magical community is better equipped for this, even though it is happening in their jurisdiction. The Talents though, they don’t particularly care. Curiosity gets to Emma and she slowly begins looking into the cases, especially since she knew some of the people.

And then she has a strange dream. The strangest part is when she wakes up from pain to find her hand clutching a knife that she had never seen before. This spurs on her need to solve the case, especially as she starts to realise that she is now a target.

Meeting up with the full Talent Harrod Passar and his mortal brother Martin, they join together to try and solve the murders.

Now, there are a few errors here and there in the book, but they don’t detract from anything and they weren’t any worse than any other book by a big name author. My hardest part was in the beginning, it seemed so rushed at points. This happens a few other times, but not as much as the first part of the book.  A few times I had to stop and reread something because it went by so quickly that I had to make sure that I didn’t miss something.

That being said, I highly enjoyed the story. The twists and turns were enjoyable, and so was having a heroine that kicks ass. Emma doesn’t wait for the men to help her out, she gets in and gets the job done once she knows what she needs to know. Don’t get me wrong though, I super enjoyed Harrod and Martin. And Gibbles, but being a boggart does that count?

This isn’t just a fantasy murder mystery though. Things are happening in the political sphere….things that can change the life of everyone, Talent, mortal, and half-blood alike. And those things are happening quick.


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