Book Review: Someday I’ll Be Redeemed by Kelly Blanchard

Have you noticed that about 99% of my reviews are from the NaNo group? Yeah, I’ve noticed too. I can’t help it I guess, it’s most of what I read lately. I really should try to sprinkle a few more book reviews by best sellers, because I do read them. I think I would rather review the self-published books/lesser known books though because it helps get those names out there!

So this book, I must let you know I received in exchange for an honest review.
I do so enjoy honest reviews.

“I like to give people the illusion they have a deciding factor in events. They tend to be more cooperative when they are given a choice.”


Someday I’ll Be Redeemed is a fantasy story by Kelly Blanchard that centers around the disappearance of the magic-wielding prince of Cuskelom, Lorrek. It’s third person and follows a few different characters, but it all centers around Lorrek and decisions he made that have affected not only him, but his brothers and old friends (Theran, Honroth, Heldon, Atheta, Germina, Haskel, and Mordora) plus many other people and their loved ones.

Okay I need to take a step back…i know I have hardly even started but it has been taking me over a week to write this. The reason? I absolutely loved this book so much that it is really, really difficult to fully commit a review to words without spilling every single thing about it. And I’m not kidding. I will do it. I will tell you every. Single. Thing. I have had to delete and rewrite this more times than I care to admit because I’m giving away too much.

This book has it all. It has humor, drama, romantic love, brotherly love, war, technology, magic, fantastic female characters, hilarious male leads, and twists you really didn’t see coming.

It has questions you just need to find out as you read (Like, what did Lorrek supposedly do? ) and the answers lead to more questions that draw you in. The world-building is incredible. There are two different types of magic, the pure form only being practiced really in one kingdom while the tainted form is practiced in other places (such as Cuskelom.). There are kingdoms where magic is flat out forbidden and there is even a place where technology reigns. And that’s where the conflict lies…

Really, Someday I’ll Be Redeemed is rather reminiscent of the older fantasy works: epic world building, multi-character third person point-of-view, complex politics, and a burning desire for more.

The next one can’t come soon enough. But all I can do is wait.

This is a great journey to be on.




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