Book Review: Untamed by Madeline Dyer

Okay I am about to have to step up my reading game here. I have a whole lot of books I get to read. Yay!! In light of receiving quite a few in exchange for reviews, I’m going to be changing up my reading list a bit. After this review, my next one should be Children of Dreki: Tyr by NR Tupper. Then I’m going to change my reading schedule around a bit. šŸ™‚

But anyways…on to our dystopia!

Lesson four: Never let yourself be Enhanced. Once it’s done, there’s no going back.


Untamed is the first book in a post-apocalyptic dystopian series by Madeline Dyer about a girl named Seven. Yes, that is her real name. Her and her siblings were named following their birth order because names are important. And so is being seventh. On top of that, she is about to become a Seer.

Sev is part of a group of Untamed humans-one of the last there is. The Enhanced have taken over and are trying to wipe out the Untamed, or as they see it; they are trying to help them. Being Enhanced comes with augmenters that replicate certain feelings or enhance certain attributes. Rather than feel fear, drink some Calmness. They are addicting. Once you become Enhanced, there is no goin back.

During the end of a raid, after finding out her mother switched sides, Sev gets captured and forced to change. Eventually a part of her group gets her back and they work the augmenters out of her system.

But can she really stay true to her upbringing?

An Enhanced lead attack dwindles their group down to their leader Rahn and his niece and nephew Corin and Esther, Kayden, and Seven and her brother, Three. Along with Sev’s terrier, Dog, they are in even more danger than usual as the Enhanced are desperate to control Sev and her Seer powers.

As the group strains and splinters, can they continue to hold onto the bond that keeps them together? Or will their distrust of Sev tear them apart and cause her to run back to the next Enhanced town she sees?

And when there is a twist…it is a good twist.

This was a really great book. I enjoyed the dynamics of the characters and the ways they interacted. The struggle that Seven goes through in the book is so relatable that you really do feel like it is happening to you.

This is what The Host could have been if Stephanie Myer had a little more creativity. Well, and if the Enhanced were aliens. (And just for the record I will mention that I did actually enjoy The Host. Shhhhh)


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2 Responses to Book Review: Untamed by Madeline Dyer

  1. I feel like I should know you. Just noticed you were reading my book. Thank you!!!! ā¤ I hope you enjoy it.

    Also, thanks for reviewing Untamed. I've had my eye on it for ages but something kept holding me back from just going for it. Now, after reading this, I think I'm going to finally take the plunge. I rather liked The Host! But I agree with you, it could have been 'more' but was hampered a bit.


    • Ummm, I don’t think you do. I mean, I’ve commented on posts in the NaNo writing group that you’ve been on but I’ve been more of a lurker there until recently. But I’m almost done with your book! šŸ˜€

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