Book Review; The Children of Dreki: Tyr by NR Tupper

Alright, alright, let’s hear it for some SciFi representation! I know it doesn’t happen much, and I have mentioned before SciFi isn’t really my thing. (And on a completely unrelated note, I now have ”Satisified” from Hamilton stuck in my head.) I decided to this book a chance anyways, especially since the last SciFi book I picked up from a NaNo member was afreakingmazing (Domechild).

The next books to come up for review will be Allison Barnard’s Unforeseen , Jeffrey Cook and AJ Downey’s There But For The Grace and Brandon Varnell’s A Fox’s Love.

The things we are, the things we were, the things we want to be, it can all get so muddled sometimes. I don’t want to be what I was…


TYR is the first book in a science fiction series by N.R. Tupper called The Children of Dreki. It follows Kai Brecken, former pirate turned semi legitimate captain as she and her team takes a routine transport job for the Alliance to the far reaches of space. This job turns out to be anything but routine though when they barely manage to land on the planet, only to have the Alliance soldiers there take their ship and run, leaving the crew stranded with some murderous alien.

What they find on the planet is something bigger than they could have ever imagined. A ship that had disappeared without a trace and a new potential threat to the entire universe. Through all of this, Kai just wants to find her sister whom she hasn’t seen for 13 years.

So…the SciFi not really my thing. I have a hard time with ships and space travel and all that stuff. But as I said, I’m always up for new things. I really enjoyed the characters and the overall story. It was well thought out and well developed. Tupper is very good at giving you just enough information to both sate you and leave you wanting to know more.

Plus…dragons. In space. There are dragons in space. The Dreki are space dragons. I’m pretty sure my eyes looked like saucers and I may have squeed because space dragons are super cool.

Space dragons.


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