Book Review: Bearly Awake by D.R Perry

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Okay, I should have had this done days ago, at least in time for Self-Promo Friday in the NaNo group. Unfortunately my shingles medicine has been making me really wonky and after a visit to the walk -in for strange bruising I got sent to the ER for a lovely scare. Luckily a misdiagnosis, but I’m off That medicine now, but I was put on Prednisone and boy has it been fun. (/Sarcasm)

So I apologise in advance if this review is a little choppy sounding!


Bearly Awake is the first book in DR Perry’s Providence Paranormal Romance books. It follows the Louisiana-born bear-shifter Bobby Tremain as he tries desperately to stay awake for his finals, even though the sky decided to unleash a furry of snow onto the Rhode Island college. He meets Lynn Frampton, an intelligent human who has been assigned to help him study and stay awake. But can she help him fight his bear’s nature? Lucky for her, she gets some extra help from Bobby’s dragon-shifter roommate, Blaine (yum) and a few others as they try to solve their friend’s problem.

This book was a quick read, and super fun. It’s basically a “campy Paranormal College Rom-Com book” (I’m quoting the author here). It’s filled with laughter and love and interesting characters and a great background. It’s also a great Easter egg hunt for all your loveable nerd references.

I basically giggled my way through this book. I’m looking forward to continuing this series. 🙂


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