Book Review: Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Can I start off by saying I love this cover? Like seriously. It’s so pretty and gorgeous and oh mai gawd those eyes!

PS: I’m still on this Prednisone. I don’t think I’ve slept in a week.

“A pirate doesn’t have a destination. We just have stops along the way of the journey that is life.”


The Pirate Princess, written by Catherine Banks, follows Tilia Swanson. She is the heir apparent to the kingdom of Crilan and is also the daughter of the Pirate King which gives her a rather interesting upbringing.

At the age of ten, Tilia is sent to be raised by her aunt and uncle, the King and Queen, as befits a royal. Initially, she is expecting to learn to curtsy and be “daisy”, but instead she finds that Crilan is not what she thought. Women can be militarily trained and have equal standing in the country. With a queen like Esmeralda, it is really no surprise. She can be rather bloodthirsty. She’s awesome.

As Tilia grows up, she has to continue to keep the secret of who her real father is from her aunt and uncle. Piracy is, of course, outlawed, and Tilia’s father is Captain Rocco: King of the Pirates. Getting their hands on his daughter would provide rather good leverage against the pirate.

Around her 16th birthday, things start to change. Esmeralda and Jared announce she will be training under the powerful Arch Mage and Seer, Faxon to try and develop her magic better and she meets a dashing young Pirate captain who sweeps her off her feet. But she has secrets and feet in both worlds as she tries to keep her balance and everyone around her from getting hurt. Can she hold onto everything she loves, even after being betrayed?
This was a great read, I fell in love with the fantastical world Catherine created. It is filled with strong female characters who don’t sit back and wait for anyone to save them. The male characters are just as awesome. Especially Faxon. Faxon is the best. He should have an entire series dedicated to him (*sideways glance *). It has also been one of my favorite quotable books.

I actually had to make sure there was going to be another one (Spoiler: There will be). The way the ending is, it ties up enough of the strings that if there wasn’t a second one, you’d be okay with it. Although…things do happen…big things.

I can’t wait to see what Tilia does next.


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