Book Review: Barrow Fiend by Amy Hopkins

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

I finished this book a few days ago and should have had this review done ….but well….Pokemon Go. What can I say, my younger self was all sorts of on that. So I got a little distracted between that and work and forgot to write this review.

But here I am now!

“You’re serious. We just ran hell for leather away from a giant creature stalking us in the dark, and you want to go back for a look?”

Barrow Fiend is the second book in Amy Hopkins’ Talented series. You can find my review over the first book, Dream Stalker, here OR just buy it because it is awesome. If you haven’t read it, then you should probably not continue this review and go read the first book first. Because mild spoilers and such.We pick up with our half-blood tea seller, Emma, six months after the events of the first book. Even though they defeated the Talent Lord responsible for the killing spree, she still finds herself having nightmares and not in the right mood to help with a new case that Greyson mentions to her which involves a lot of property damage, but so far no bodily injuries.

Unfortunately for her, the new High Seat, Abnett, decides to delegate her to help Greyson with the case. And then, of course, she has a slight run in with the magical creature behind everything. She quickly learns though, it is not the creature that they need to be afraid of.

On top of this and the general increase that she had seen in business, Emma is also  taking lessons in developing her Talent with the famed Lady Mergime Dumass.  The lessons are not going well. Emma’s half blood make it difficult for her to keep up with many things that a full blooded Talent can do, yet she has the capability for some pretty cool magic. The problem is, she can’t control it. So Harrod being Harrod pulled some strings and  got her into the tutor. Lady Mergime is a serious hardass.

We see a lot of the same dynamics in this book as in the first one. Harrod is his same overbearing but caring self. Although between Emma and his brother Martin, he is getting a lot better.

And speaking of Martin, he has become something of pimp among the fey crowd.

Emma remains her sassy, independent self. Depend on no one for help and trying to stay  off of the love radar.

This book is a fast-paced, great read. It didn’t go as quick as Dream Stalker which was nice. I had had a few spots in that book where I had to reread parts because things went so quick. A few minor errors here and there, but nothing distracting or worse than any big-name traditionally published book. If you have already read the first one, then I highly recommend continuing the series. Which I am about to do, because book 3, Truth Taker is currently available!


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