Book Review: There But For The Grace by AJ Downey and Jeffrey Cook

I am obligated to say I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Two reviews in one day!? The craziness! Ha! I had been hoping to get these done before today but well…. I didn’t. My bad. So I’m knocking out two in one day so at least there is that!

I love books, what can I say. :3

“So I walked with Death, hand in hand with War, and even though I should have been seriously weirded out by that, I wasn’t.”


Our sexy angels and human heroine are back in the second book of the Angel’s Grace Series, There But For The Grace, by A.J Downey and Jeffrey Cook.  If you haven’t read Airs & Graces yet, please do. Here is my review and here is a link to just go buy it.

So, if you remember, Airs & Graces ended with our Tabs being pulled into Hell by Lucifer, along with the keys. The keys are important, everyone wants them and Lucifer is close to getting them. But Addy won’t let him go without a fight.

Following the last piece of advice that Tab gave her, to find Haziel for help, she finds herself at a prison to do just that. Haziel is an angel that fell in love with a mortal woman and asked God to take away his wings resulting in his pseudo-Fall.  Meeting with him leads her down a course of actions that will take her through all the Horsemen.

Yes that’s right. This book features  the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In order to do what she plans and go into Hell itself, Addy must first have the agreement of Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine (also know as Azrael, Miri, Merihim, and Cahethel).

Down in Hell, Tab is fighting to stay ahead of those chasing him and their hell hounds. He has to make his way through the lower levels to give anyone trying to help him out a chance to do just that. It is not easy going. Being cut off from God’s grace he must find the strength within him to push on and not give in to the sins and temptations that assault his senses. But can he make it close enough for Addy to save him?

Addy continues being her badass self, telling Arch angels how it is and not giving a damn really if anyone wants to help her. She is willing to go in without anyone’s assistance, but luckily she has help. Michael is still pretentious and Gabriel continues to be his coy, sexy self. He should.have someone to love too. ❤

The only other problem lies inside Addy with Iaoel and what she will do when the time comes….

And seriously…this is another cliffhanger ending that I yelled at. Profusely.


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