Life; Mini Vacation

Hello there everyone!  No book review this time, just a short life update. I am a bit behind right now for a few reasons. The first is because we only just got back home from visiting family back in Seattle (And I am still a little bummed my schedule didn’t match Jeffrey Cook’s!). Because of that I had little to no time for reviewing, let alone reading (GASP).

The second and most irritating reason: my phone has decided that it no longer registers having a memory card. My Kindle app was on my memory card. Now, I was able to make enough room on my phone’s memory to reinstall the app….but I can’t download any of my books.

Why, Lora…why not just use your bitty’s tablet?

Well, since you asked, I was going to! Until he decided to throw it into the pool!

So with most of my books on my kindle, it will be a little while until I am able to read and review any of the Wrimo/Indie works. I suppose in the meantime, I will look at reviewing The Princess Academy which I read earlier this year, and maybe finishing up Cinder and A Wrinkle in Time. Then, once I get my apps back, I will be able to finish up First Steam and Blood Debt before moving onto Grave Measures.

So that has been my fun week. How are you guys doing?! Any fun kid stories to make me giggle?? Maybe a book you would like to suggest I read? Comment below!


About misplacedselchie

I enjoy random writing related thoughts, plot bunnies, and good books. One of these days I'll get my own book finished.
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