Writing; Fool With Dreams

I am still Kindle-less so let’s talk about writing for the moment!

Does anyone else that one scene that they wrote, that they just keep going back to again and again? That one scene where the words just seem to strike you in a certain way?
I have a few of those in my WIP, but outside of that I do a RP with some friends. There is this one scene I wrote for a character, Rhett, that I just always go back to and sigh softly. It is probably one of my favorite things I have written. Rhett has always been my laid-back character with a bit of a morbid past. He grew up in a werewolf commune and was a musician. Fell in love with a girl, got married, and they had a baby. But then bad guys came, as bad guys do and destroyed it all. He came home to find it decimated, and everyone killed. Quite frequently he tells me that the hardest thing anyone will ever do is to create a grave for a child.

Fast forward some odd years and things are starting to pick up for him. Which is where this post comes up. I think I did a rather decent job capturing the turmoil that goes on inside him.

So I hope you enjoy this. And if it helps any, I use Kenneth Nixon from Framing Hanley as his face. 😉

Rhett really hated planes. It was his least favorite thing about touring when he was still in a band, the only thing he hated more was being confined in a car. He blamed it on the wolf in him. Something about loving the outdoors and needing to run. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t walk or run to Italy. Which was where the plane he was on was landing at the moment.

Not that he told Alexis.
Not that he could speak Italian very well.
Okay, he couldn’t speak Italian at all, but dammit he tried, much to the amusement of everyone back home in Texas.

Watching the land come up to meet him, he let out a soft sigh. Before leaving he hadn’t said a word to Lexi, intending instead to surprise her. Nerves ate at him for a multitude of reasons. The first of course was the not telling her he was coming. Then there was the helping her with the safehouse and the wolves there. The biggest reason for his nerves was just her pregnancy in general. His mind kept flashing back, back five years. Back to Tennessee and a happy commune, a marriage and a baby.

Lilly’s face swam in front of his eyes as the plane pulled in to the terminal and he stood up. Noah’s small body was in his hands as he slung his bag over his shoulder and picked up his guitar case. Their laughter was all he could hear above the cacophony of different accents and tongues around him as he made his way through the airport, smell of blood in his nose as he breathed in the Florence air.

This isn’t the same. This won’t be the same.

He had to hold on to that thought, that belief as he hailed a driver and handed them a piece of paper that Genesis gave him. Just a few months ago he hadn’t even thought about Lilly or Noah or anything resembling children and marriage, having found himself beginning to be content in Mason’s pack and trying a relationship with Kingston. Head falling back on the seat as he watched the scenery, he let out a sigh as he found himself thinking about the other boy for a moment. The way his lips quirked up in amusement, how his forehead crinkled when Rhett did something stupid and subsequently got a beating. The way his face flushed in embarrassment, how his lips parted when he came. Coughing slightly he had to push those thoughts away. It was pointless. The relationship ruined when he did something stupid as he usually does and ended up leaving.

But he couldn’t complain, and he wasn’t. How long he had wanted Kingston and he had never thought about marking the boy, never even tried. Oh, he had tried to have sex with him, but claiming….hadn’t really crossed his mind.

Then Alexis decided to waltz her damn ass into his life and she was all he could think of. She was his every waking thought, invading his senses. He spent an entire night memorizing every detail about her, every curve and line, every scar and beauty mark. The way her body turned and twisted under his. Her sighs and moans and the feel of her skin against his, her body surrounding his. How when she turned her head, he could catch the traces of lavender and patchouli coming off her skin. How she tilted her head back, exposing everything to him when his mouth was on her…

Shifting slightly in the seat he definitely had to push those thoughts away. His pants were starting to get a little uncomfortable. Instead he tried to focus on the turns the car was making to go wherever it was that Genesis wrote down. To Alexis. His pregnant….he didn’t know what she was to him. They spent practically every second together when she was in Texas. Hardly more than what could account for a one night stand, a random hookup. But it hadn’t felt random to him. He had been too drawn to her, like something in her scent called to him.

Again, Lilly’s face swam before him.

After her and Noah were killed he went off the deep end. He couldn’t handle the grief, the pain. If he had picked up a book on how to deal with loss, everything he was doing was the exact opposite of what it would have told him to do. He turned away from his faith. He turned away from the few pack members he had left. He shut everyone out except drugs, alcohol, and sex. It didn’t matter who, if they were willing then so was he. In the haze he could forget all the death.
Even his music had gotten pushed away in his despair because every song, every note brought back too many memories.

Eventually, step by step he began to come back into who he was. He shut Lilly and Noah into a box in his mind and locked it shut. It wasn’t healthy but it was all he could do. He couldn’t face it. Then a random meeting with Mason brought him a little more back to himself. Kingston brought him out even more.
It wasn’t even things that people noticed anyways. Especially not his new pack, they didn’t know him and for the most part he acted as if everything was alight. He smiled and joked, most of the time he was genuine. But he still felt dead inside. Empty. Hollow.

Then that damn vampire.

It was the most random series of circumstances to bring them together and he was floored by it. He could even remember every detail of when she first walked through the door. And with her, his past walked right back in. And her phone call a few weeks ago broke the lock off his box keeping his memories at bay. Now they followed him everywhere, haunted him every moment as Alexis’ memory taunted him.

But he couldn’t help having marked her. He couldn’t help the overbearing urge he had to be with her, protect her. Everything. He wanted everything to do with her, everything about her.

And so here he was, getting out of a car in Florence fucking Italy, speaking almost no Italian. All because Hayden had to somehow come across Genesis and they had to hook up and get pregnant. Then that had to lead to a wedding. He had a falling out with his pack and had to run into Kat and then find Hayden. He didn’t even have a clue how Genesis and Alexis started their friendship. The world was a small place and somehow all the pieces fell in a way that put Alexis walking through that door in Texas where he was living. Maybe it was how the sunlight fell across her face, framing her as the door opened. Or the way she laughed.

Really, he could probably list a million reasons but the result was the same. It all ended up with him feeling as nervous as a kid on prom night knocking on the door of the girl he was in love with’s house.



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