Review: Blood Debt by E.A. Copen


If you have been following along on my spanking new Facebook page that I have FINALLY gotten around to creating, you may know that I have pseudo solved my Kindle problem. If not, basically my mom gave me her old phone, and although I haven’t been able to switch everything over, I can still use it at home since I have WiFi. So I have my Kindle back and can get back to my ebooks. My upcoming schedule for reviews after this one should look something like this:

Grave Measures by R.R. Virdi
Dawn of Steam: First Light by Jeffrey Cook
Fangs for the Memories by D.R. Perry
Mad Science Institute by Sechin Tower
Mina Cortez by Jeffrey Cook

Then I SHOULD be caught up with all my free books and able to move into the rest.

When I stood in its way after the third warning, that’s when he attacked. He was almost pleasant, except for the part where he tried to kill us.

Guys, Judah Black is back in action in Blood Debt, the follow up to the urban fantasy book Guilty by Association by E.A Copen (review here or just buy it here). Continuing to be her wonderful, snarky self, Judah is pulled into a case with a foreign vampire death in a popular fey club. Because of the politics with the foreign dignitaries and the fact that she is already unpopular in Washington, she has to tread carefully through this case. Actually, Washington already decides she is going to screw it up somehow, so they send her a hot partner for assistance. And as she finds this case to be even more tricky than she thought, the assistance might come in handy.

While this is going on, it’s election year and Detective Tindall is running for the sheriff and Hunter is up for the possibility of joining Chanter’s pack (not that that has anything to do with any sort of elections). For the last few months, Judah has also been playing mentor to an at-risk spirit sensitive youth named Mara and getting slowly closer to Sal. Judah that is, not Mara. Mara is….well you have to read the book to find out. And be shocked.

So many gasps

And yes….Ed is back too. Because we can’t forget Ed. ❤

With many of the second books in a series, the story sometimes feels like it is sputtering to try and bridge between the first and third.Blood Debt has none of these problems. Liz never has those moments of ‘hesitation’ (for lack of a better word) and instead, the build up for later books can really be seen (elections, increased tension between the supernaturals and humans, etc). Judah remains just as snarky and badass as she was in the first book, opting to depend on doing things her way and showing the world that she is awesome. Because she is. She is an amazing female lead who has many of the same problems facing thousands of women: balancing work, friendships, and raising a child.

It is currently .99 for the Kindle version until Thursday, so if you have already finished Guilty By Association, get on over to Amazon and pick it up!


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