Book Review:Grave Measures by R.R. Virdi

Earlier this week, the final nominations were released for the Dragon Con Awards. This is a big thing, as I am sure many of you know, and we have THREE Wrimo authors that made it into the finals: James Osiris Baldwin (Blood Hound), JF Dubeau’s The Life Engineered, and last but not least R.R. Virdi and his book Grave Measures.

*looks at title*
Oh hey!

But seriously though, if you haven’t yet, please register as a fan on their site, copy down your assigned number, and wait for your email. Then go and VOTE! Voting ends September 1 and  winners will be announced over Labor Day Weekend.

Just once, I wished someone would leave a note behind: “This is what killed me. You’re welcome.”


Vincent’s back. Back again. And he’s insane.
Is anyone actually surprised?
Alrighty, let’s just continue on then…

Grave Measures is the second book in R.R. Virdi’s Grave Report series. If you haven’t started this series yet, I seriously have no idea why not. You can read my review of Grave Beginnings here, or buy it here. Really….just buy it. It’s awesome.

So in this awesome continuation, our lovely and snarky Vincent Graves wakes up in an insane asylum, in a straight jacket even. Definitely not a five star hotel treatment. But he at least has forty-four hours to solve this case, as opposed to his previous thirteen. Then there is the mysterious writing all over his wall and the black fog that appears to be killing people.  The good thing about being in an asylum at least, is that people just shake their heads and move on when he talks about monsters.  The downside is that people….just shake their heads and move on when he talks about monsters.

What Vincent finds in this maze though, is that not everything is necessarily what it seems. One thing might appear to be the killer when it’s not, and the one you didn’t expect to might have an evil side. On top of it all, he finds out that Ortiz is also in the same place, having put herself in after the experiences from Grave Beginnings.

So of course she gets caught up in the supernatural again.
And of course Vincent doesn’t tell her who he really is.

On top of Ortiz, we meet some other new and interesting characters like the young girl who can see ghosts, Lizzie, and a mischievously terrifying kitsune named Lyshae (who I kept picturing as Lillian from A Fox’s Love and that got a little confusing…).

And Church continues being his good ol’ helpful self.

But even with all the help, can Vincent solve this case before his world crumbles around him and he loses his mind?

This book is filled with the same quick pace and great storytelling as the first one. You can definitely see improvement in Ronnie’s writing style. Grave Measures is more…polished? Well, it’s not that Grave Beginnings wasn’t polished. Buh. The first one was good. This one is better. At this rate, it won’t be too long before R.R. Virdi is a household name along with Jim Butcher and Brandon Sanderson. Our Otter King is going to be taking over the world.











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