Book Review: First Light by Jeffrey Cook with Sarah Symonds

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Oof, to say I am behind is currently an understatement. The husband was out of town and binge watching some TV shows happened.  My bad. On the bright side, that means that this is gonna be like review week or something! Since my last review I’ve read Fangs For the Memories, Chasing Rabbits, and Dawn of Steam: First Light (oh hey!) So I shall have quite a few updates over the next week.


“It seemed he did not suffer fools lightly, and considered many men to be fools.”

First Light is the first book to start of the Dawn of Steam series by Jeffrey Cook and Sarah Symonds. Taking place after the Napoleonic Wars (so around 1815), this steampunk series is read as a series of letters and journal entries, released by Doctor Cordelia Bentham-Watts after the passing of her husband, Gregory Conan Watts, in 1891. It has been quite some time since I have read a book presented in this fashion (pretty sure it was my friend Sara’s book From Addict to Aristocrat a few years ago…can’t wait for her to edit that and release it…or well re-release it and then I can review it…. *cough*HINT*cough* Okay honestly, I’ll probably just reread it and review it anyways because I love me some vampires and some Vincent ❤ ) and it was a welcome change of pace.

Sometimes the journal style books fall a little flat, but I had no problem making it through this one. Maybe it is my secret love for the steampunk world?

Gregory, or well to be correct to the time period Mr. Watts, has been hired with Elliot Toomes to go with a crew to take a journey of epic proportions.  They are to discover if the claims made by Doctor Robert Bowe in his journals about the exploration of many vast and uncharted territories are truth or fiction. To this endeavor, they put together quite a remarkable and intriguing team of people: war hero Sir James Coltrane and his sister and cousin (and his personal dirigible), Scottish sharpshooter Edward McBride, a pair of questionable carnies, and a guide who isn’t at all what they think.

While they make their way into America though, they start to find out that the team they are competing against will stop at nothing to win.

As is with this style, the book is a little more slower paced than Jeffrey’s other books. A few times I had to stop and reread passages, but I had to do the same thing when reading Jane Austen (it’s that pesky time period, you know?). As it is with the older style literary works, First Light presents long descriptions and colorful language. It is a novel teeming with the promise of unexplored terrain and unparalleled adventure as our team journeys into the unknown.

And now to read the next one..


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