Book Review: Fangs For the Memories by D.R. Perry

I received this book for free from a random drawing.

I’m gonna make you bend and break…say a prayer but let the good times roll…

Wait…that’s not right.I’m sorry (no I’m not, I freaking love Fallout Boy). Seriously though, every time I sat down to read this book I was humming “Thnks Rr th Mmrs”. I’m actually rather sure that it was intended this way. So if any book has a soundtrack, it is this one. A lovely pop punky FOB one. 😉


“We have complex senses of smell, though, and coffee is one of the most calming scents to pick up. Another one is Earl Gray tea, which led to geeks everywhere wondering whether Captain Picard might have been a closeted vampire.”


Fangs For the Memories is the Providence  Paranormal College Book Two by D.R. Perry. The first book, Bearly Awake (review here or buy it here) was a lovely introduction into a creative world filled with humans, vampires, werewolves, different kinds of shifters, magi, and fey all shoved nicely together in the first university to allow them to do so. While it still falls under the title of ““campy Paranormal College Rom-Com book”, it starts to take a little bit of a darker turn. If you recall from the first book, Blaine (the yummy dragon) made the assumption that someone had intentionally made the snowstorm that dropped the unseasonably amount of snow making Bobby (our bear shifter) almost fail his class (and really, almost killed Lynn). The attacks step up in this sequel as whoever is behind this starts attacking those that helped him, most notably the vampire psychic Henry.

Henry is well known for the charms that he makes. In this book, he is helping Maddie with a charm that will make it so her professor can remember her (she has Umbral Affinity which makes it so practically no one remembers her). But he keeps becoming the victim of attacks. So the gang comes together to try and figure out who is behind these series of attacks and what their end game is. Which of course brings Maddie and Henry a bit closer together…

Just like the first one, this is another great Easter egg hunt of nerd references. My other favorite thing about FFtM was that we got to see more into the balances and politics of the supernatural world, especially since there are so many against vampires. I enjoy the spins she takes with different mythologies/stories and definitely can’t wait to jump into the next book.

And have I mentioned, I continuously love her titles? 😀 ❤


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