Book Review: Angel in Training by C.L Coffey

I made a hot chocolate microwave brownie. It. Was. So. Good.  I’m trying really hard to not go make another one….but then between that and my cookies from earlier I just might make myself sick over here. So to stave off my the nausea I have succumbed to season 2 of Shameless. I know, right? Point a gun to my head…

But now it is another review time!

I picked this book up a bit ago. I think there was something about one of the retailers getting all uppity about the cover being too violent or something? I can’t really remember now if that was this book or a different one. But I think it was this one and since whoever it was had a problem I was like “I shall buy it!” Plus, I liked the premise. I actually read all three books that are out within a week.

But seriously, this cover is so pretty.


“No drinking, no drugs, no sex-” He cut me off with another laugh. “That’s not an angel. That’s a nun.”

Angel in Training is the first book in the urban fantasy series The Louisiangel Series by C.L. Coffey. Angelina (or Angel as she is called) is a twenty-year old British girl living in New Orleans with her aunt. She is living the rebellious life, fake IDs and bar hoping, until it catches up with her in an alley and leaves her with a choice to make: She can choose eternal happiness, or eternal life. Not entirely understanding the question, but not wanting to die, she chooses life.

Months later she wakes up in an abbey filled with model-like men. Except they aren’t just men…they’re angels. Slowly it starts to dawn on her that she is an angel….or well, an angel in training for her wings.Not only that, Michael tells her she has a charge she needs to protect. she is a Guardian angel .

There are a few rules to being an angel though, as she quickly finds out. The most important is no telling anyone (except her charge) that she is an angel, or where they live. The other rules are: no drinking, no drugs, and no sex. I’m sure you managed to guess that right?

Angel’s charge is a trainee detective named Joshua Walsh who definitely keeps her on her toes. Especially when it comes to those rules she has to abide by. But she takes her job seriously and that forces her into a few spots of having to pick between protecting Josh, and what is right.

I do really enjoy the urban fantasy angel books. This book some good character interactions and developments. It’s filled with more than a few humorous moments, a lot of snark, and a mystery that needs to be solved before another victim is claimed. Can they do it while ignoring their own chemistry? Are they really ready for the revelations that are dropped at the end of this book? (I know I sure wasn’t!).

If you enjoy the angel retellings then pick up this book and check it out! (plus it’s on the Kindle Unlimited if you have that.)


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  1. The issue was that, because the character is injured and bleeding on the cover, Amazon won’t promote it on Kindle devices. They will still include it in email and on-site promotions, from what I recall. Not sure the logic behind the policy but that’s what it was!

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