Book Review: Black Poodle Over Seven Hills by Victoria Bastedo

I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review

Okay, so I’m a bit behind here and I am really sorry about that. My head hasn’t been in the game as much due to a number of family things stemming from preterm labor to a shooting. It has been one of those months where I can’t help but look up and say “Okay God…what in the world are you doing?” So I am a bit behind on reviews and I am hoping to knock out a few of them today (*gasp*). Maybe I’ll even get some work done on The Misplaced Selchie. (*gasp again*)

 If you are curious as to what will be popping up in the next week, I’m working on reviews for these books:

Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford
Angel in Training by C.L. Coffey
Angel Eclipsed by C.L. Coffey
Angel Tormented by C.L. Coffey
The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper’s Destiny by C.A. King

That is, of course, not including this review you are reading right now which is a little bit outside my normal forte.  That’s right…this is a romance (*cue shocked gasps all around*). No, I jest. I’m not stranger to romance books. While they are definitely not my favorite, sometimes you just can’t help pick up one of those cutesy ones to make you feel a bit better. They can be fun and just as gripping as any other genre, so long as the author doesn’t completely forget the plot and just write page after page of sex and smut (I’m looking at you Laurell K. Hamilton). This book, did not have that problem at all though because, while a romance, it was about the story and not sex.


“You’re definitely not the man for this dog.”
“That’s because that’s not a man’s dog. It’s not a companion who flops down by your feet in front of a fireplace. That wears diapers. That has to be hand-fed. That wears a bow in its four strands of scraggly hair.”


Black Poodle Over Seven Hills is a sweet, low-heat level romance by Victoria Bastedo that will be published on October 18th by Satin Romance. It follows Soubrette, a girl who is killing two-birds with one stone by bringing a black teacup poodle to its new owner in Seattle; the puppy gets its new family, and Soubrette is able to escape and start over across the country. However, things don’t go quite as easy as they sounded when the person that comes to pick up the dog isn’t the new owner, but his cousin Timothy who is completely flabbergasted about the dog. Luckily though, he takes pity on Soubrette who knows no one else in Seattle and assists her in finding a hotel room and bringing her to his aunt’s house to enlist her help in watching the dog while the cousin recovers from a recent accident.

As she begins to find an apartment and settle in, she naturally becomes closer to Timothy (and his family) and slowly begins to open up to him as to the reason behind her big cross-country move: her horrible cousin. This guy has taken it into his mind that Soubrette is somehow his and all her stuff belongs to him. Timothy will have none of it though. When a final confrontation blows up at the Seattle Waterfront though, will Timothy even know about it and be able to save the day?

This book is filled with great banter and character interaction (especially between Soubrette and Timothy), not to mention quite a few evasive car chases, and some “oh no what’s going to happen!?” moments. I actually really enjoyed Black Poodle Over Seven Hills, it was a nice change of pace from my normal books. Sometimes you just need that cute, easy read and this is definitely it. Even if you don’t normally pick up a romance book, I would highly recommend this one. Let something fun and cute happen in your brain today! I mean c’mon….fun, nerdy interactions, car chases, and an adorable teacup poodle! Check it out guys.


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  1. winneyb says:

    Woo Hoo! You are so good and kind! Thank you so much for sticking with my lollipops and daisies, ha ha! (And, what do you think of this quirky song I found as a free download to go with the book trailer? Is it too weird? Anyway, try to get some extra rest during the next few days- sounds like you’ve been facing some trials!

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