Book Review: Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford

Trucking through right here! I had to go get some grocery shopping done. And then I had to make cookies.  Because…cookies.  Actually, I was trying out a new recipe and they are freaking awesome. The base is 2 bananas and a cup of instant oats. Then you just add whatever you want. I added in chocolate chips and dried cranberries. I kind of wish I just did chocolate. All the chocolate.. But they are still yummy. And I’m probably going to make them a million more times.

So now, that I have my cookies, I can focus on some reviews!


“As I began to believe in myself, in my own ability to save myself, I could feel something rising up in me. The need to save myself.”

Chasing Rabbits is the first book in The Underground by Erin Bedford which follows our main protagonist, Kat. Finding herself back in her hometown after following an incessant voice inside her to “come home”, Kat’s world is turned upside down as she goes down the rabbit hole. The world of Alice’s Wonderland isn’t quite what she expected however.

Humans have been banned from the fey world after she came in. Alice definitely turned the Underground on its head. She did some things that she really should not have and meddled in affairs that weren’t quite hers to meddle in. Because of this, humans have been banned from the Underground.

Until, of course, Kat manages to strong arm her way in.
Okaaaay, so maybe she didn’t strong arm her way in, but she did follow (what she thought was) a rabbit and some strange symbols and ignore the check-in station and slip through a door into the Underground. But the door closes and she has no key to get back out.

As she works her way through the fey world, she quickly learns that Lewis Carroll did not get a whole lot right. At all. Like the part where he skipped out the drop dead gorgeous Unseelie prince.

Or Chet.
Oooooh Chet.
Let’s just say the Cheshire cat is quite QUITE different from the books.

The world she creates is rather imaginative. Erin Bedford took the basis from what we all know and remember from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and then spun it into something that is equal parts nostalgic and what-in-the-hell. It was also fun to watch Kat’s own transformation in just one book, from someone that is basically ignored and kind of awkward, into a person who has to be sure of themselves and kick some ass. A few parts here and there made me tilt my head and reread, but all-in-all this was a great take on the classic tale with a fun twist that made me go “Ooooooh SNAP!”

And…Chet.  Always Chet.



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3 Responses to Book Review: Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford

  1. Oh I love retellings and Alice and Wonderland is a favourite of mine 😉

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