Book Review: I Still Have A Soul by Kelly Blanchard

I received a digital copy of this book for free because the author is awesome while I try to get my tight finances together to buy a physical copy of the book.

We all have those moments where life just gets a little ahead of us, and that has been like the past month or two for me. It has at least calmed down enough that I can maintain flotation for NaNoWriMo. And today, I can actually sit down and work on some reviews!

Because I really really need to get them done. I have actually went on Goodreads and just starred a few of them. I am hoping when I get a chance, I can go back and expand a little more as opposed to just leaving whatever star rating I left. Hopefully I can get them done this weekend, but I am at least getting this one knocked out because it HAS TO BE.


“And you’re just tell us this now?”
Lorrek shrugged. “I saw no need to say anything earlier. They can’t kill me, and I  most certainly wouldn’t mind them killing the lot of you.”

I Still Have A Soul is the second book in Kelly Blanchard’s The Chronicles of Lorrek. If you have not read the first then stop. Right now. Just stop reading this because things will be spoiled probably. Either check out my review here or just buy the book here. You’ll thank me when you do. Although, you may smack me a few times when you find yourself pulled into this amazing world…and then you read ISHAS…


As we recall, Lorrek has no memory of anything. Not really. He gets random flashes, or maybe a name here or there, but he really has no idea about anything. This is because he gave up his memories in order to gain Anelm’s freedom from Roskjerkface. I mean Roskelem. Now with  no memory, Lorrek must do His bidding, and he is told if he does this one little errand, he will get his memories back.

But the errand in question is to kill Vixen.

Setting off with Germina and Haskel to fulfill this dark deed, Lorrek works to try and find leverage in the different situations presented around him.

But of course, this is not all that is going on.

Jechorm is arming up and the rest of the countries are thrown into chaos as Verddra has taken over Nirrorm and the other leaders prepare to figure out how to deal with that situation. But war is looming closer than any of them anticipate.

Where so many sequels fall flat as authors attempt to bridge that gap between books, Kelly’s rises up to the challenge and blows everything away. It lines up consistently with the first book, even as the plot becomes more intricate. What draws me the most into these books, I think, is how reminiscent they are of the older fantasy works. While not as long as Tolkein or Jordan or Bradley, the Chronicles of Lorrek still holds that complex network of plot and character interactions that is so often missing from many of the current fantasy books.

This is a tissue book.  Like, a box of tissues books. If you have a favorite character, you should really fear for them. As I said, the war is looming closer than any of them anticipate.


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