Book Review: Bounty by J.D. Cunegan

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“Those left behind didn’t care about procedure or protocol; they wanted answers, and more importantly, they deserved justice.”

J.D. Cunegan starts off his Jill Andersen Series with the debut novel Bounty. This is a fast-paced scifi myster/thriller following one of Baltimore PD’s best detectives: Jill Andersen (I know, you didn’t see that coming right?). When the body of Dr. Trent Roberts shows up in Chesapeake Bay, Jill knows it’s going to be a race to solve his murder before people start noticing her own connection to the late doctor. Especially since some of his work involved cybernetic experiments.

What Jill quickly finds is that her past is a key in connecting the pieces of who killed Dr. Roberts. What she doesn’t expect is the person backing everything…or the one helping him. As she gets further into this mystery, she finds that she has to start depending on her newbie partner Ramon more than she had previously thought. While the chemistry between them is fantastic (work/friend chemistry that is, not romantic) can she really trust him with her deepest secret?

This book is a fast-paced detective novel that introduces us to a great female lead. Jill is a person that works tirelessly to make sure that justice is served. Her number one priority is her job  and doing what is right. And when she can’t catch the bad guys with the law, she has another trick up her sleeve to catch them.

My biggest put off about this book is, honestly, the cover. It kind of goes back to that whole “I’m not too fond of sci-fi for these reasons” thing. I am slowly starting to get over it, but I still have that problem where, when I see a cover with something like robots or cyborgs I tend to just skip over it. I am glad I picked this one up though. While it didn’t pull me in like most fantasy novels, it was an enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone who likes mystery/thrillers and wants a great female lead.


You can also add it to your Goodreads list here.


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