Book Review: Mina Cortez by Jeffrey Cook

I’m just going to collapse face first for a moment. I don’t know what has been with me the last few months. My brain has apparently been on some sort of strike.

But I’m here now! I think! And with me, I bring you another review! -commence gasps, ooh’s and aah’s-

“But when even her history teacher knew she was all set to become a lifelong florist, she had to admit it. She was doomed.”

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Mina Cortez: From Bouquets to Bullets is a young adult dystopian, scifi, spy novel by Jeffrey Cook. That sounds like a mouthful when I read it to myself, but that is really how I can best describe it. And let me tell you, Jeffrey has done it again.

-looks at her blog-
-side glances at how a lot of it is Jeffrey books-
-clears throat-

It’s 2154 in Seattle and high schooler Mina Cortez wants nothing more to be chipped to be a ballerina.  The world has recovered from the supervolcanic eruption, and in the world of the future everyone receives an implanted skill chip for what their job will be and these chips enhance their natural skills. Naturally, it is assumed that Mina will be chipped to be a florist like her parents before her. And their parents… However, of course, that isn’t really what happens.

Instead, Mina gets chosen to be a spy. While super cool, she quickly realises it is a lot of work. A lot of work. She’s constantly getting beat up and bruised during her training and since being a spy is a secret, she has to pretend that she has been chipped to be a florist. Really though, it is the perfect cover. With it she has the ability to go anywhere and everywhere and some natural skills that go with working with flowers also help with being a spy.

One of her best friends getting kidnapped though is not something that she thought she would have to be dealing with though.

Mina Cortez is another fast paced book filled with adventure and danger as you turn the page. And like Jeffrey’s other works, you can rest assured that strong female characters are a central and essential piece. This futuristic world melds together wonderfully and I really wished there was more.



Add it to your Goodreads list today!





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