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Writing; Fool With Dreams

I am still Kindle-less so let’s talk about writing for the moment!

Does anyone else that one scene that they wrote, that they just keep going back to again and again? That one scene where the words just seem to strike you in a certain way?
I have a few of those in my WIP, but outside of that I do a RP with some friends. There is this one scene I wrote for a character, Rhett, that I just always go back to and sigh softly. It is probably one of my favorite things I have written. Rhett has always been my laid-back character with a bit of a morbid past. He grew up in a werewolf commune and was a musician. Fell in love with a girl, got married, and they had a baby. But then bad guys came, as bad guys do and destroyed it all. He came home to find it decimated, and everyone killed. Quite frequently he tells me that the hardest thing anyone will ever do is to create a grave for a child.

Fast forward some odd years and things are starting to pick up for him. Which is where this post comes up. I think I did a rather decent job capturing the turmoil that goes on inside him.

So I hope you enjoy this. And if it helps any, I use Kenneth Nixon from Framing Hanley as his face. 😉

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Random Thoughts: Math and the Devil

I had this interesting conundrum today. Or maybe I can call it a plot bunny. Now, this is actually a thought I had beginning to fester some time ago but my mind really took off with it today (I think it had to do with a conversation about the new Fox show Lucifer.). Just remember…I am an avid reader and writer, and I have an overactive imagination.

We all know the Transitive Property of Equality from math, right? That if a=b and b=c, then a=c. According to some theories and translations, Satan was called the morning star before his fall. We also see the morning star being accredited to Jesus. So, using our Transitive Property of Equality, wouldn’t that make Lucifer and Jesus one in the same?

Earth-shattering, right?
But really…hear me out on this one.
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