Book Review: I Still Have A Soul by Kelly Blanchard

I received a digital copy of this book for free because the author is awesome while I try to get my tight finances together to buy a physical copy of the book.

We all have those moments where life just gets a little ahead of us, and that has been like the past month or two for me. It has at least calmed down enough that I can maintain flotation for NaNoWriMo. And today, I can actually sit down and work on some reviews!

Because I really really need to get them done. I have actually went on Goodreads and just starred a few of them. I am hoping when I get a chance, I can go back and expand a little more as opposed to just leaving whatever star rating I left. Hopefully I can get them done this weekend, but I am at least getting this one knocked out because it HAS TO BE.


“And you’re just tell us this now?”
Lorrek shrugged. “I saw no need to say anything earlier. They can’t kill me, and I  most certainly wouldn’t mind them killing the lot of you.”

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Book Review: Angel in Training by C.L Coffey

I made a hot chocolate microwave brownie. It. Was. So. Good.  I’m trying really hard to not go make another one….but then between that and my cookies from earlier I just might make myself sick over here. So to stave off my the nausea I have succumbed to season 2 of Shameless. I know, right? Point a gun to my head…

But now it is another review time!

I picked this book up a bit ago. I think there was something about one of the retailers getting all uppity about the cover being too violent or something? I can’t really remember now if that was this book or a different one. But I think it was this one and since whoever it was had a problem I was like “I shall buy it!” Plus, I liked the premise. I actually read all three books that are out within a week.

But seriously, this cover is so pretty.


“No drinking, no drugs, no sex-” He cut me off with another laugh. “That’s not an angel. That’s a nun.”

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Book Review: Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford

Trucking through right here! I had to go get some grocery shopping done. And then I had to make cookies.  Because…cookies.  Actually, I was trying out a new recipe and they are freaking awesome. The base is 2 bananas and a cup of instant oats. Then you just add whatever you want. I added in chocolate chips and dried cranberries. I kind of wish I just did chocolate. All the chocolate.. But they are still yummy. And I’m probably going to make them a million more times.

So now, that I have my cookies, I can focus on some reviews!


“As I began to believe in myself, in my own ability to save myself, I could feel something rising up in me. The need to save myself.”

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Book Review: Black Poodle Over Seven Hills by Victoria Bastedo

I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review

Okay, so I’m a bit behind here and I am really sorry about that. My head hasn’t been in the game as much due to a number of family things stemming from preterm labor to a shooting. It has been one of those months where I can’t help but look up and say “Okay God…what in the world are you doing?” So I am a bit behind on reviews and I am hoping to knock out a few of them today (*gasp*). Maybe I’ll even get some work done on The Misplaced Selchie. (*gasp again*)

 If you are curious as to what will be popping up in the next week, I’m working on reviews for these books:

Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford
Angel in Training by C.L. Coffey
Angel Eclipsed by C.L. Coffey
Angel Tormented by C.L. Coffey
The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper’s Destiny by C.A. King

That is, of course, not including this review you are reading right now which is a little bit outside my normal forte.  That’s right…this is a romance (*cue shocked gasps all around*). No, I jest. I’m not stranger to romance books. While they are definitely not my favorite, sometimes you just can’t help pick up one of those cutesy ones to make you feel a bit better. They can be fun and just as gripping as any other genre, so long as the author doesn’t completely forget the plot and just write page after page of sex and smut (I’m looking at you Laurell K. Hamilton). This book, did not have that problem at all though because, while a romance, it was about the story and not sex.


“You’re definitely not the man for this dog.”
“That’s because that’s not a man’s dog. It’s not a companion who flops down by your feet in front of a fireplace. That wears diapers. That has to be hand-fed. That wears a bow in its four strands of scraggly hair.”

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Book Review: Fangs For the Memories by D.R. Perry

I received this book for free from a random drawing.

I’m gonna make you bend and break…say a prayer but let the good times roll…

Wait…that’s not right.I’m sorry (no I’m not, I freaking love Fallout Boy). Seriously though, every time I sat down to read this book I was humming “Thnks Rr th Mmrs”. I’m actually rather sure that it was intended this way. So if any book has a soundtrack, it is this one. A lovely pop punky FOB one. 😉


“We have complex senses of smell, though, and coffee is one of the most calming scents to pick up. Another one is Earl Gray tea, which led to geeks everywhere wondering whether Captain Picard might have been a closeted vampire.”


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Book Review: First Light by Jeffrey Cook with Sarah Symonds

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Oof, to say I am behind is currently an understatement. The husband was out of town and binge watching some TV shows happened.  My bad. On the bright side, that means that this is gonna be like review week or something! Since my last review I’ve read Fangs For the Memories, Chasing Rabbits, and Dawn of Steam: First Light (oh hey!) So I shall have quite a few updates over the next week.


“It seemed he did not suffer fools lightly, and considered many men to be fools.”

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Book Review: An Oath of Wintersteel by JM Guillen

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

What a hard week this has been for some odd reason. My anxiety just decided to kick in a lot this month, along with a lot of things going on with the family. If you are inclined to prayers, they are most welcome.

But right now I have my coffee, my hellion is eating breakfast and I am in a decent mood! Which means it is time to talk our favorite thing: books. And seriously, I got a good one for you this week. It is a new book by JM Guillen. I’ve had another one of his books on my to-read list for awhile now, but I’ve had some other books I needed to read first (ones that were in exchange for reviews, which reminds me…there will be a review for Jeffrey Cook’s First Light coming up this week also!). Then I got the chance to pick up this book in exchange for a review, and damn.

And it took me forever to pick a quote to post with this. The one I really wanted might have given away too much…as it is, this book is super freaking quotable.

Eso ci que eso.” He shrugged, his last word on the matter. That one phrase summed up so much about Domingo: Whatever shall be, shall be.


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