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Book Review: Mina Cortez by Jeffrey Cook

I’m just going to collapse face first for a moment. I don’t know what has been with me the last few months. My brain has apparently been on some sort of strike.

But I’m here now! I think! And with me, I bring you another review! -commence gasps, ooh’s and aah’s-

“But when even her history teacher knew she was all set to become a lifelong florist, she had to admit it. She was doomed.”

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Book Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

So now I am behind on my book reviews, but hey…that happens right? At least I am attempting it (lol).

“I am the Reaper, death is my shadow.”

I have had Red Rising by Pierce Brown on my “to-read” list for awhile, over a year at least. I kept putting it off because…well….the thought of a story on Mars was a bit of a literary turn off for me.  I have only had three books that take place in space actually catch my attention, most are too sci-fiy and roboty for me. (If you are wondering, the three are Ender’s Game, Enchantress From The Stars, and Shade’s Children. Arguably, the last takes place on Earth, but it still encompasses what I generally turn away from in SciFi/fantasy)  I’m working in broadening my horizon in that area.

Red Rising though….Man, I am so mad I kept waiting for so long.  This book was AMAZING. Plus, Pierce Brown is apparently a fellow Potter fan so there is always that.

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