To-Read List


Clare, Cassandra                           Infernal Devices
Cook, Jeffrey                                   First Light

Gaiman, Neil                                  Anansi Boys

Mead, Richelle                               Fiery Heart
Mead, Richelle                               Silver Shadows
Mead, Richelle                               Succubus Revealed
Mead, Richelle                               Shadow Heir
Mead, Richelle                               Gameboard of the Gods
Pierce, Tamora                               Exile

Ramdas, Shiv                                 Wrathchild
Rothfuss, Patrick                          The Slow Regard of Silent Things


Virdi, RR                                         Grave Measures
Virdi, RR                                         Dangerous Ways




3 Responses to To-Read List

  1. winneyb says:

    Do you still take on new books to review? I have a sweet (low heat) romance coming out in October sometime and would be honored if you were to be able to review it. Thank you!

  2. winneyb says:

    I sent you an email, a few days ago! I’ll send you the book happily if you’ll tell me your preferred, thank you!

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